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Through MSD Animal Health, Nobivac has made significant contributions to the development and innovation of vaccines – enabling essential progress for animal health over the decades.

Year Innovation
1985 Nobivac Parvo: a revolution in canine vaccination. The first high titre, low passage vaccine against Canine Parvovirus (CPV) and the first to break through levels of maternally derived antibodies to allow puppies to complete their primary course vaccinations at 12 weeks of age.
1993 Nobivac Myxo: Myxomatosis is a real threat to pet rabbits. Nobivac Myxo was the first fully authorised myxomatosis vaccine in the UK.
1996 Nobivac Parvo 2b: relevant protection where you need it. The first parvo 2b strain incorporated in a vaccine.
1999 Nobivac Tricat: first feline vaccine shown to cross-protect against CPV.
2000 Nobivac (Intra-Trac) KC: the second bivalent intranasal vaccine against kennel cough in Europe.
2002 Nobivac DHPPi: the world's first 2 year duration of immunity for CPV, CDV and CAV. Since the early 1990s the debate started as to whether annual vaccination was really necessary. Following extensive research we became the first to launch a vaccine with a proven extended duration of immunity.
2003 Nobivac Bb for Cats: the world's first vaccine to protect cats against Bordetella bronchiseptica.
2004 Nobivac (Intra-Trac) KC: the first intranasal vaccine to provide a full one year protection against kennel cough. One month after the introduction of this claim, Nobivac KC became the leading vaccine in many countries.
2004 Nobivac DHPPi / DHP - 3 year DOI: the first vaccines against CDV, CAV and CPV with a proven 3 year duration of immunity. The claim was first launched in the UK, followed by USDA approval for the US in 2005.
2006 Nobivac Parvo - cross-protection against CPV type 2c:
the first parvovirus vaccine with published evidence of complete protection against the newly-emerged CPV type 2c

Nobivac Tricat Trio: providing a proven 3 year duration of immunity against panleucopenia.


Nobivac Canine Flu: the first canine influenza vaccine against the newly emerged H3N8 virus.

2009 Nobivac Lyme:  the first Lyme disease vaccine specifically designed to trigger borreliacidal antibodies against two Borrelia burgdorferi antigens, OspA and OspC.
2010 Nobivac FeLV 2 year DOI: the first FeLV vaccine that provides a 2 year duration of immunity.
2011 Nobivac Lepto 4: the first 4-way leptospirosis vaccine  indicated to aid in the prevention of disease,  mortality and urinary shedding caused by all 4 serovars.
2012 Nobivac Myxo-RHD for pet rabbits: the first RHD vaccine that is produced in tissue culture and not on live rabbits offering dual disease protection and 12 months duration of immunity from a single administration.
2013 Nobivac L4: the first tetravalent canine leptospirosis vaccine in Europe.
2013 New test methodology for animal welfare: Nobivac Lepto vaccines are the first leptospirosis vaccines that can be released using only in-vitro methods – i.e. without animal testing.

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