Veterinarian administers a vaccine to a puppy while a woman and child watch

Nobivac® vaccines:

Protection unites us

Changing the world through vaccination

Companions. Family members. Friends. All over the world, pets enhance the lives of our families and our communities. Protecting our pets against dangerous infectious diseases is one of our most important responsibilities.

The mission for the Nobivac brand is not only to deliver top-quality immunological solutions, but to also make a lasting impact on our world. We believe that our influence on pet health and well-being can and should extend beyond our array of vaccines to include education, philanthropy and more.

Choosing Nobivac vaccines provides better health for pets and enhances the well-being of the people closest to them. Together, we can change the world.

Wherever we live, protection unites us.

Veterinarian administers a vaccine to a puppy while a woman and child watch

Nobivac vaccines: a trusted legacy

Since our founding, the name Nobivac has been synonymous with quality and the promise of protection. Veterinarians and pet owners trust our science-driven, innovative solutions for immunising pets against many threatening diseases.

Our full line of Nobivac vaccines helps support the health and well-being of every pet throughout every stage of life.


A pedigree of innovation

The Nobivac brand has a long and proud history of innovation, bringing new advances that help protect more pets, from more diseases, in more ways.

Since 1979, Nobivac vaccines have helped protect companion animals from existing and emerging diseases with innovations that have made vaccination easier, more comfortable and more durable.

See some of the advancements that help maximise vaccine protection.

Expanding what is possible

Every day, we focus on possibilities and push the boundaries of science to deliver better immunisation solutions.

As global leaders in companion animal vaccines, we share the passion of veterinarians, clinic team members and pet owners and see ourselves as partners in a shared commitment to improve pet health.

From our past to the future, see what brought us here and where the Nobivac brand is going.

Smiling child holds two puppies in the center of a group of dogs and children

Making a world of difference

The Nobivac vaccines are one part of our effort to improve the lives of pets and people around the globe.

We are proud of our efforts to help protect pets and their families in underserved communities everywhere, particularly our global push to eliminate canine rabies via The Afya Program, which we’ve been dedicated to for more than 25 years.

In addition to our work with The Afya Program, we also extend the reach of local organisations around the world through product donations and volunteering efforts.

Nobivac vaccines

Our focus on science is a springboard that helps us bring improved vaccines to all veterinarians.

Learn about our history of innovation and our expanding Nobivac portfolio.

Veterinarian examines a dog

History of innovation

Woman and child smile with a dog in a veterinary clinic as a member of the veterinary staff prepares a vaccine

Vaccine portfolio

Choosing Nobivac vaccines unites us all in a circle of exceptional protection.